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Plenty of cute dresses for all the cute ladies to enjoy!

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Charming Lady Colored Striped Tunic Tank Dress
  Product category: Cute Dress Item code:SR022017NB Gross weight: ..
$25.35 $14.99
Black Bowtie Cheap Cute Elegant Dress
Product category: Short Sleeved Dress Item code: PA042926 Gross weight: 400gram ..
$19.23 $10.55
Off Shoulder Cute Blue T
Product category: Cute Dress Item code: XA120905BU Gross weight: 320gram Fabric: Cott..
$24.34 $12.68
Summer Big Hem Chiffon Maxi Floral Dress
Product category: Petite Maxi Dress Item code: YL030728 Gross weight: 480gram Fabric:..
Black Lace Long Sleeve Mini Dress
Product category: Elegant Dress Item code: SL072626BA Gross weight: 380gram Fabric: L..
$19.42 $9.99
Spring Princess Chiffon Dress with Flowers
  Product category: Cute Dress Item code: HR040321 Gross weight: ..
$25.99 $17.98
Cute Black Cat and Milk Loose T-shirt Dress
Product category: Cute T-shirt Dress Item code: YA072829 Gross weight:390gram ..
$18.21 $9.99
Elegant Sexy Pleated Lace Dress
Product category: Cute Dress Item code:  PA061016 Gross weight: 350gram Fabric: ..
$19.99 $11.59
Red Cute Dots Chiffon Summer Dress
Product category: Summer Dress Item code: WL040112PR Gross weight: 410gram Fabric: Ch..
Black And White Retro Style Striped Dress with Bow
  Product category: Cute Dress Item code: HL112925 Gross weigh..
$29.99 $22.99
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Summer Fresh New Look & Sleeveless Zip Up Printed Women Dress
Fabric: Polyester Hand Washing   Accessories: NO   Ov..
Beaded Lace White or Beige Dress
Product category: Long Sleeves Cute Dress Item code: CA111046 Gross weight: 510gram F..
Pile-of-Pile Crossed-Back Elegant Dress
Product category: Cute Dress Item code: SA101903 Gross weight: 390gram Fabric: Cotton..
Pink Cute Summer Lace Dress
Product category: Cute Dress Item code: YL022025 Gross weight: 400gram Fabric: Lace a..
$23.13 $12.89
American Short Sleeve Grey Summer Dress
Product category: Short Sleeve Dress Item code: NL042314GA Gross weight: 350gram Fabr..
$25.29 $15.29
New Summer V-neck Beach Tank Blue Maxi Dress
  Product category: Cute Dress Item code: SR022022AU Gross weight:&nbs..
$26.75 $14.99